Novel 小說 Aloeswood Incense: The First Brazier 沉香屑:第一爐香
    Green Felicity 鴻鸞喜
  Jasmine Tea 茉莉香片
  Love in a Fallen City 傾城之戀
  Lust, Caution 色, 戒
  Naked Earth 赤地之戀
  Red Rose, White Rose 紅玫瑰與白玫瑰
  Sealed Off 封鎖
  Shutdown 封鎖
  Stale Mates 五四遺事
  Steamed Osmanthus Flower 桂花蒸
  The Golden Cangue 金鎖記
  The Rice-sprout Song 秧歌
  The Rouge of the North 怨女
  Traces of the Love 留情
  Prose 散文 A Chronicle of Changing Clothes 更衣記
    Beating People 打人
    Bugle Music from the Night Barracks 夜營的喇叭
    By the Light of the Silver Lantern 借燈記
    Epilogue: Days and Nights of China 中國的日夜
    From the Ashes 燼餘錄
    From the Mouths of Babes 童言無忌
    Let's Go! Let's Go Upstairs 走!走到樓上去
    Making People 造人
    Notes on Apartment Life 公寓生活記趣
    On Carrots 說胡蘿蔔
    On Dance 談跳舞
    On Music 談音樂
    On Painting 談畫
    On the Second Edition of Romances 傳奇再版的話
    Peking Opera Through Foreign Eyes 洋人看京戲及其他

Poetry and Nonsense

    Schooling at the Silver 銀宮就學記
    Seeing with the Streets 道路以目
    Shanghainese, After All 到底是上海人
    Speaking of Women 談女人
    The Sayings of Yanying 炎櫻語錄
    Under an Umbrella 雨傘下
    Unforgettable Paintings 忘不了的畫
    Unpublished Manuscripts 存稿
    What are We to Write 寫什麼
    "What is Essential is that Names Be Right" 必也正名乎


    With the Women on the Tram 有女同車
    Writing of One's Own 自己的文章
  譯作Translation Works The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai 海上花列傳

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The rouge of the north
The rice sprout song
Singsong girl of shanghai